(Cinestudio-April in Paris, April 12, 2010)


Jean-Paul Belmondo is Stavinksy, a cool, real life criminal type. His big nose was in full flourish on this pristine 35mm print. The film was a bit slow moving, and not all that impressive of a feature stylistically, given that it was directed by Alain Resnais.

Alain Resnais, by the way is still pumping them out. His most famous film is his first international feature, “Hiroshima, Mon Amour.” His last film was great, “Wild Grass,” and he is currently in preproduction on another. He is almost 90.

But back when he was younger, when he made “Stavisky,” he made a capable gangster type film with a few flourishes that separated it from the pack. However, looking back at it after witnessing the great “Mesrine” films, I view “Stavisky” as a good, but lesser film on the French underworld type.

In any event, I saw this film alone, and had didn’t have many feelings or discussion after watching it. I kept trying to take a picture of big nose Jean-Paul during the film, but kept getting afraid that people might think I was bootlegging the movie.

Again, not a bad film, but with Resnais and Belmondo on board, I guess I just expected something bigger, badder, greater, and different

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