La Regle du Jeu

La Regle du Jeu

(Cinestudio-April In Paris-April 11, 2010)

 Maybe it was because I saw “Grand Illusion” at a young and impressionable age and thought that it would be hard for anybody to make a film quite as good. Or maybe because I saw “Boudo” countless times, equally hating and loving the crazy lout, never quite fully unmasking what Renoir was saying.

And maybe it was because that while I saw those films countless times, this one loomed overhead as his great achievement, as one of THE GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS in all of cinema.

But, when I stepped in for this brand new 35mm print of “Rules of the Game” I was…unimpressed. Sure, after I did a bit of research about the time, I discovered how subversive it was. But as much as I loved Renoir as an actor, he was no “Boudo.” And as much as the film briskly moved along, it didn’t move me like “Illusion.”

This should be an interesting one to revisit, however, now that expectations are gone. Maybe I will revisit it and find these words facile and stupid and find “La Regle du Jeu” a bit of brilliance in line with the two Renoir films I adore. I hope that happens.

That’s the point of this little bloggy venture anyway.

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