Dernier Maquis

Dernier Maquis

(Cinestudio-April In Paris, April 13, 2010)

The colors pop. The themes roar. There is humor, humanity: life being lived. There is an ending so ambiguous it provokes and annoys. It announces Rabah Ameur-Zaimeche as a director to look out for. He has a fierce and powerful control over every frame and image. Neither side is right. Neither side is wrong in this tale of tension between workers and their employer at a truck yard in the banlieux outside Paris. The workers are Muslim African and Arabic workers. Their boss gives them a mosque, but not a raise.

But how come most of the students at Trinity found the boss was clearly to blame? Notice the scene where he silently pours over bills and you can see confusion in his face. Notice how when he has to let workers go, he offers them a job in order to stay on…just not the job they want.

And what of the hilarious and disturbing scene where an employee tries to circumcise himself…at home…and then applies for workers comp!

And it is HIS truck yard. What of this ease in assigning blame. This film deserves a better audience: a better discussion.

But it may all boil down to a comment from one of the students that I will always remember as he examines the Africans plight I the work force: “But if you notice that all of the African Americans didn’t get…” and so on.

A Trinity education, for you!



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