Knight and Day

Knight and Day


(Crown Palace, July 13th 2010)


This is a semi-realistic take based upon true events during a dark period of my life. The fact that they didn’t ask for my approval (or pay me) is a bit disheartening, but I will try and prevent my personal feelings about this identity theft from taking over this discussion.

As a matter of fact where the film strays from the facts is perhaps its best asset. The first half of the movie finds Tom Cruise at his most maniacally entertaining (think “Collateral” on acid—except playing for the opposite side). He relishes every moment of anarchic mayhem. Say what you will, Cruise is a talented actor, and he knows exactly what he is doing here. He grins, smiles, kicks ass, but with none of the gravity that his scenes of grinning, smiling, and ass-kicking had in his “M.I.” films. This character survives primarily on the conviction of his craziness.

With that said, just watch Tom Cruise. Notice how he is a different Tom Cruise than those you’ve seen before, even if he seems to be playing the same particularly badass part. He is truly enjoyable here. Unfortunately, they try to ground the character a bit in the second half, and the film suffers (I believe overall it is too long anyway). He becomes more of a person. Granted, these later scenes are more based in fact as I was going through a trying period when I was jumping around the world and off of cars; killing people in the name of good (I was never crazy).

Which brings to mind some of the stunts in this film: when I was truly fighting for my life, I, naturally, had to participate in all these activities. I thought I saw a special in which Tom Cruise said most of these stunts are live. However, this film contains some BAD CGI and backdrop shots. Look at those fake buffalos roam! Granted, some of the car stuff is so beyond logically possible, it could never look real…but then why not just take a step back and do something a bit more grounded?

The film is long, too long. At 90 minutes or so it could be a nice action travelogue in the same vein as “Charade” or “Romancing The Stone,” albeit not as good. They also should have left the uncertainty of Tom Cruise’s motivations…and sanity…play out longer. This was perhaps the most unique aspect of the film. There are moments when our heroes might not be who they say they are…or know what they say they know. I sat up in my chair and took notice when this occurred. I sat back in my chair much too quickly after.

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