Io Sono l’amore (I am Love)

Io Sono l’amore


(Cinema City, July 6, 2010)


Critics love Tilda Swinton. Everything she does is the greatest and only she can do it that way. An elf…only she plays an elf that way. And she is fearless.

How do you consider a movie like this? I guess it sort of worked on me. I was spellbound by the frenetic pace of the film. Its lingering camera and insert shots suggested that something much more, much deeper would resonate as the film continued and came to its conclusion. Except it didn’t: or at least not in the way that I expected it to. Maybe love, freedom, and nature, were its themes. And maybe it didn’t need to drill any point home.

If for nothing else, one can appreciate the film for its style. The cynic in me wonders if I shot a short film of me going to the supermarket the way this film is shot, would the outcome not be the same? But I don’t know.

The film is about love, society, and status. A grandfather is retiring from the empire he built, naming not only his son, but his eldest grandson as his predecessor, stating, “It will take two to replace me!”

The son of the grandfather is, of course, a little peeved. He expected it was his birthright to run things. He intends to sell the company. His son, his co-partner, is a bit more idealistic. He wishes to represent his grandfather’s ideals and integrity. He is told he is too young to understand the business world. But his father seems to have only waited and lived in luxurious. He knows not of want or of passion, but of simply having. It is not for nothing that the old grandfather divided the power.

Which leads us to Tilda Swinton, mother of one of the business’s heirs, and wife to the other…and we meet her as she is about to strike out on her own. She has never been herself. She has been owned by her husband, adopted into his comfy lifestyle. She adopted a life void of passion.

But passion has its consequences we come to find out when it arrives in the form of a baker. The baker is a friend to the son, who wants to help him start his own restaurant. Sparks fly when the son introduces the baker to his mother. And of course everyone will have to pay for the decisions they make.

The film is made with passion. It looks beautiful and moves like a roller coaster. It is certainly a special film, but I am not sure if it is a great one. If you go in expecting a story you have seen many times before you may actually leave having seen one that you haven’t.

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