The Last Station

The Last Station


(Cinema City)


This is a perfect example of why I keep this blog. I have quite a bit of backlog and am trying to catch up on all the films that I have seen and have yet to write about.

I saw “The Last Station” months ago and I am only now getting around to it. And this just won’t do. I have forgotten much of the intricacies of the film. Which is why I keep this blog…because I forget so much.

I remember that the film is about Tolstoy and his wife during his last year. I recall that Mr. Plummer plays Tolstoy as a man of fun and passion. He has life to him and a humor about how his words have become so important.

I remember that Paul Giamatti plays his character the way he plays many. He overacts, but nobodies seem to acknowledge it, perhaps because we all acknowledge that Paul Giamatti is a talented actor.

And I remember it was pretty good. Not too great, I guess, because it didn’t stick with me.

But yeah. I’m sure that this will help and enlighten many.

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