Please Give

Please Give


(June 29th, 2010-Cinema City)


Please give, please. You owe it to me. Tell me what it is I missed. I must have missed it in Nicole’s last film, “Friends with Money” too. Sure, we have characters we can’t quite fully like. I’m cool with that. So what do they do. Well…they just sort of exist. Again, fine…who am I to complain? But…

I am at a loss. I did enjoy this film…to a degree.


I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again.

I can’t recommend it.

I’m not sure what makes it enjoyable.

I’m not sure what the point of the entire thing was.

The visual aesthetic of the film is cheap hand-held type video work…point that camera! Walk down this cool New York street! Which is fine considering the filmmakers have got some great talent on their side. We can always watch these actors act.

And it is short. I read a review of this film that consistently praised the film by repeating, “all in 90 minutes!” I’ve seen this film…I am at a loss as to why she would need more time.

What is she saying? She must be saying something. She is a voice of cinema. She got into the film business after all…by being born into it…

Okay, that last bit is bitter. I’ll admit it. And I think “Please Give” is better than “Friends with Money.” So there: at the very least it is an improvement. But I must state the following for full disclosure:

  • It has to me a “give up” ending. This is when you are telling a story that doesn’t have an A to B plot and so when music and slow motion smiles create a proper effect on a character, in any scene…simply cut to credits.
  • With the film dealing with a character in crisis over her life choices, it doesn’t seem to give us the proper background. She feels bad about her job? How long has she been doing it? It would seem a while. Okay, so why does she have this crisis now?
  • It has moments of “truth” that parents of teenagers I’m sure will love. We will call these the “Zits” moment and the “Expensive unnecessary item” moment. I didn’t dig them, but I’m sure they are effective.
  • The film is ugly. It didn’t need to be.
  • The acting, is at times point-and-shoot non-acting. Case in point. “Okay, gramma, we will shout action and then you shout, ‘You’ve gained weight!’” Then she shouts it and they move on.


Okay…I’m sorry, I am finished. And don’t be afraid to please give “Please Give” a chance. And if I just don’t get it, fill me in.

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