(June 6, 2010)


Despite the fact that this film opened to mostly favorable reviews, I somehow managed to miss it in theatres. This is a shame, not only because the film is a decent comedy (it has zombies, but no horror) but also because one of the best “cameo” appearances in recent years was spoiled for me, not long before I managed to catch up with the film on home video.

I place the little quotation marks around cameo, because, according to the end credits; his is one of seven credited performances (there are probably literally several thousand zombies featured in the film–although a clown zombie does get a credit…the seventh and final cast member to do so). It is funny that zombie pictures are typically about isolationism and small groups, and feature perhaps the largest number of extras outside of a mainstream epic (which would also probably deal with some near apocalyptic events).

Yellow Sweatshirt Boy (Jesse Eisenberg) is often credited as being a poor man’s Red Sweatshirt Boy. This is only because Red broke it big first in “Superbad,” while Yellow hadn’t quite reached the limelight. I always felt Yellow was a better actor with a broader range. Granted his more popular films have him capitalize on his Red Sweatshirt like tendencies, but check him out in “Roger Dodger,” which is the first film I’ve seen him in. Or check him out in “Holy Rollers,” which is the most recent film I’ve seen him in. In neither film does he wear a sweatshirt. And in both films he is good.

He wears one in “Zombieland.”

In any event, you will laugh and you will be grossed out.

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