Brideshead Revisited

Brideshead Revisited


(CPS-June 7, 2010)


As the credits scroll, I realize that I have just watched a very capably made film. The acting and the cinematography were spot on. The film looks beautiful.

I discuss the movie. I think perhaps that it tells the story of a man who desperately wants to fit in and have all the things a “successful” man should. And he’d do anything to get it, including affairs with both men and women…as long as they lead towards his inevitable goal.

Is that what you really think it is about?

I ponder the question. I am sort of hoping it is. What else could the film (and I suppose the book from which it is based upon) trying to tell us?

I don’t know…it is about status and keeping up appearances. It is an examination on religion and how it can be harmful rather than helpful.

Fair play I decide. That makes sense to me. The film certainly does seem to make an indictment on the implementation of religious beliefs upon those who do not share said believes. The results can be hazardous.

And he wasn’t willing to do anything to get what he wants either, she firmly tells me.

Is that so?

The man she does marry is a Christian. Remember that scene in which he admits he became one simply so he could marry her and gain the Estate? The main character wasn’t willing to do that. He was a firm atheist all the way through the movie.

This is true too. But then what about the ending? You have the father who may be making a death bed conversion to religion and the hero of the tale lost and in the ruins of war. What is the author communicating here?

But it is time to leave. But not before I think twice about my idea of reviewing this film as more typical Emma Thompson twaddle. There are too many questions; too many things that I am no longer sure about. This film has ambiguities and shades which I may have to consider, perhaps. But I do know one thing. Sebastian’s teddy bear is my favorite character in the movie.

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