The Wackness

(Blu-Ray Release)


You know, often movies think only of what’s wrong with the world, analyzing the crap, the crime, the grime; the wackness of it all. And that is typically what is celebrated. But every once in a while, a movie with equal parts hope and nostalgia enters our hearts and reminds us all of moments of dopeness—of the dopeness in everything, even the bad bits of life.

And of course, twelve people see that film. It gets made for three million dollars (a hefty budget for such a film) and then you have to trek forty minutes to New Haven to catch it, because it’s the only theatre that is playing it a week after it’s release, after getting bought up at Sundance earlier in the year.

For those slow to the chase, “The Wackness” is such a film. I had a sense this would be a good’un and sought it out last year in its theatrical run. And I wasn’t let down. If anything, I was pleasantly surprised. And now I’m pleasantly surprised that this lackluster performer of a film with all the heart has been given a decent Blu ray treatment so that it can hopefully find the much larger audience it warrants. So get up on this bitch and check it out.

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