North Face

North Face

(Cinema City)


I wonder what my thoughts would be if I knew the outcome of the true life event this film were based on going in. I wonder if I would think differently about why the film was made. I also wonder if the filmmakers had trouble raising the funding for this production.

This is a hard edged tale, based on a true mountain climbing expedition. It’s one of those tales where you get so lost in the heroics of it that you forget to realize that none of this would be necessary if these folks just didn’t start out being so damn heroic and ready to conquer the world.

It is made well, that is for sure. And carefully concocted too. Notice the score. That’s right. Much of the music is made from the same clanging metal sounds of so much mountain climbing. It builds the tension perfectly and is quite impressively constructed .

And notice how they deal with certain themes, such as Nazism. Now, sure I suppose there should be an occasional German film made that doesn’t have to deal with this—but subtleties of our two main heroes are carefully constructed in the way they interact during these types of scenes.

Many things I have read about this motion picture declare that the romance bit is entirely unnecessary. And so it very well may be. But, if the audience didn’t have a character to cut back to in the warm and dry, it would be a much more rigorous experience than the film already is. We’d be stuck up on the mountains with these guys. Remember that flick, “Frozen,” I talked with you about a while back? Remember how that made us feel, as we were stuck up there with the cats for the entire duration of the movie. Yup. So, I don’t mind occasionally catching my breath. They decided to climb these impossible mountains, not I.

And the ending, which I guess I may have hinted too much at, did take me for a surprise. Well, I guess there is not too much you can do about that, as it is based on events that actually went down.

The film is very well made, if a bit dismal. Which is odd for a survival picture, I guess. But maybe it’s sort of welcome. I don’t know.

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