Have you seen Woody Allen’s “Hollywood Ending?” Where the Woodman goes blind before he gets his comeback break as a filmmaker. He can’t tell anybody for fear of losing the shot, so he makes the film. It is a failure in America but the French love it. I wonder if “Blindness” went over big in France. It’s a film with the aesthetic  of a blind man. Oddly composed shots, a roaming character, impenetrable darkness. Oh, sure…it must be all for effect, as the film is about a world that seems to be losing their eye sight as some sort of contagion…or some sort of…well, the film never bothers to explain you see, because this is a parable.

But the crap look of the film must be on purpose. The director is the same as that of “City of God” and “The Constant Gardner.” Yep, this man knows how to make a movie. I loved the former—over stylized as it was—and really appreciated the latter. And he does know about the technical stuff. And he uses it. Just check out the specs on “Blindness”: 35mm, 16mm, and handicam. I get the switch to standard DV handicam when our characters escape quarantine. It is an ugly effect, but I can see its reasoning. The 16mm and switches of film stock, I am not so sure. Other than to, say, be a visionary director. But this is a film about lack of vision! Perhaps appropriate?

Oh, I know. it’s a parable. And it says so much. Well, maybe the book does. It’s supposed to be quite a stunner…and, I must admit, I can see how this could be enticing subject matter. Maybe even subject matter that we already covered by a man named Golding in our high school English lit class, but I digress.

But I’m sure you can actually see the words in the book. They aren’t covered by mud, or say, just blank pages to express that the reader, too is blind? Hey, that’s a good idea! But, I imagine that there are legible words in the book. But…wait, maybe we want it dark. Because what we see…well we see, sweat, rape, degradation, murder…okay, keep it dark. I’ll just watch something else next time.

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