This is exactly why I don’t go skiing. Okay, well I went once when I was a kid with my mom and my brother, both skiers, and they insisted I didn’t need a lesson. So we went to our first bunny slope, I got on my skis and pushed off…and somehow my knees lock up. I’m basically kneeling and sliding down this snowy hill, unsure of whether I am having fun, but sure that I am doing it wrong. I reach the bottom of the hill, still in this position. Only I can’t get up. To my left, and very swiftly, a young girl (now remember, I was young then and she was young to the then young me) swiftly skis towards me, extends her hand, and helps me into my upright position, which ends at a much higher place than her standing position does. My brother and mom had skied down at this point. I spent the rest of the day all cozy drinking cocoa and eating snacks at the ski lodge.

And that’s just what these folks should have done! We see them, at the ski lodge…but no, they have to go out again! And of course, they didn’t properly buy their lift tickets. No way. They bribe the lift guy! I drove into work one morning and saw an advertisement for seventeen buck lift tickets! Would that have been so expensive?

Anyway, a dude, his friend, and his girl do this. They want to get one good long slope before calling it quits. I believe it is a Sunday, and the place is only open Friday-Sunday. They come to the lift guy they bribed. He has just placed a flag on the lift. This signals that there are no new folks up on the hills past this point. The group guilt trips the guy into one more lift…they did give him a good chunk of change.

And a bit of business happens, for you to discover. But I think you can imagine that they don’t make it back down the hill. The film is very effective and somehow makes the most with its location, seeing as a good chunk of the movie takes place on a ski lift.

It might not be the most plausible movie during its second half, but stuff needs to happen. Wolves…well, apparently they have agreed with the ski lodge on a schedule of when the hills are for humans and when they are not.

Did I enjoy this film. Maybe. It is quite effective, as I have said. The tension grows and you really feel the situation. But that just makes some of the stupid decisions the filmmakers have these characters make all the more painful. Because what we are dealing with here is painful, frightening, and seemingly real-esque.

The filmmakers made “Hatchet,” prior to this, which I admired for being, fun, spunky, and also for its utilization of long traveling shots to build the dynamic of the group. And it continues to be true that director Adam does know how to make the camera work for him. This film bowed at Sundance and it is said that some audience members just couldn’t take it. This is the kind of cold knuckle horror where I almost believe the hype. Except that these are hard knuckled Sundance ticket holders. Maybe it was P Diddy Dupe. He’s seems kind of poofy.

If any event, if you are of the type that complain about the lack of realism in horror, check this one out. You might just swallow your words. More likely you’ll cling to the lack of realism with what the wolves do. But, at least they look real.

By the way, in case you haven’t picked up on it…there are wolves in this movie. Just your normal wild wolves that you see at your local ski resort.

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