Ta’m e quilass

Ta’m e quilass


A man decides to kill himself. So he hops in his car and drives around. He’ll need some help. That is what he is searching for. That is what the film is about.

Or, to be more precise, that is what the plot of the film concerns.

What the movie is about…?

Probably both less and more than I want it to be. But what is sure is director Abbas Kiarostami is a master, and he is also a very, very restrained director. And this I present for those of you who bit the bullet and may have checked out “The Man From London,” Whether you hated it, were unsure about, or even liked it, I now encourage you to seek this film out and see what happens when such restraint is used not only by a masterful director, but in the right material towards a greater purpose.

How you feel will be based largely on what you bring to it. The director himself said that he is fine if what you get out of his film is a nice nap. He prefers a good restful nap at the cinema to an aggressive in-your-face shoot-em-up, and states that it is more rewarding.

After watching “A Taste of Cherry,” I find that most agreeable. But the film is not a bore, it is a triumph. This is my second time with this film, and I was afraid of it. It worked on me and moved me such the first time, and I was afraid that would leave, and only the long mechanisms of stilted camera and static long shots would remain, and the film would be a lengthy experience; hard to endure. But there is something here. Instantly, I was captivated again. And I knew what would happen (well, best as anybody who has seen this film can). I knew who would say what and when. But, like a slow moving train or boat; you go with the motion, and it may be the most peaceful ride towards death you ever get to take; and maybe the most insightful.

But, please, be in the right mood. You wouldn’t kill yourself right after your most joyous moment, would you? In turn, you wouldn’t watch this movie hopped up on ad reline or something or in need of a “Crank”-like rush (why would you want that anyway?).  So don’t watch if after just taking an eight hour energy drink. What you gonna do for eight hours anyway? Watch “Braveheart” twice? That’s too much “Braveheart!”

Make some tea and watch some “Cherry” instead.

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