My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine

So I think I’ve finally figured it out. For the longest time I have always had a soft spot for the original “My Bloody Valentine.” As a horror fan all of my life, I have seen plenty of bad horror films of which I have been able to find appreciation for, and I’ve always been able to acknowledge that, yes, they are bad. And that yes, I do like them, none the less. But then there was “My Bloody Valentine.” and something just always seemed different about the flick. So much so, that when it was remade, in 3D no less, I thought maybe I was wrong. It was basically the same story. Entertaining, but for the most part stupid.

Luckily, I ventured out and watched the original again. And it is the care and the characters that separates this Canadian lensed slasher flick from the rest of the ilk. While you may not care exactly about which of these characters gets off-ed; they are separate people, not simply place holders so our hero or heroine can make it until the final act. You feel a sense of community rather than convenience with the characters of this film, and that is probably why I always take it as my choice for the 80’s slasher film.

It’s the type of film where you can enjoy the bar sequences with the characters as much as the killings. This film involves you, probably due to the fact that the crew basically moved into the filming area in Nova Scotia and became involved in its everyday life. You feel you are watching miners of a certain middle class upbringing and you become immersed in lives that are a bit, Celtic (maybe due to the lead actor’s accent, or the wonderful Irish-tinged tune over the end credits) but the director and crew and everybody involved really seem to have a sense of time, place, and people.

And then, well the killing starts, and people die. And it’s what you paid for right, so everybody’s happy. But I dig the first forty-five minutes above all. And to say that about a slasher flick, prone to cut out characters and pointless relationships, that’s saving quite a bit.

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