Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

So, I mean really…what do you say about a film like this? It is likely to appease the viewers that wish to see it.  A good portion of its viewership will be entertained. I might have found it more amusing, except they are choosing to call the motion picture “Sherlock Holmes.”  You see…Robert Downey Jr. may play a man by that name, but he certainly doesn’t seem to be playing that great detective of which I thought I was going to sit down and watch.

When I heard that Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr. were teaming up for this project, I figured it would make a great caper comedy…I was actually looking forward to it. Then I saw the preview and was distraught. It was going to be, basically, a straight movie. What’s worse…it would be all action and explosions and the supernatural and…well, very little actual mystery to be solved.

I grew concerned. Guy Ritchie was making this. Would the camera just randomly flip around all crazy like because, hey, that’s what he does? Or was he still all pent up on being “deep?” (SEE his “Revolver” days–although I think “Rock N Rolla” proved he was back to typical form).

Well, I’m glad to say that Guy Ritchie actually took a chill pill and crafted a movie that is intelligently styled at times, but also allows some proper breathing room. Downey Jr.’s charisma may have given him the confidence to let a scene play out. In this way, his “style” can be put to a use that almost has a point…in making Holmes detective work look cool, as he discovers and uncovers and explains…

But that’s where the film loses me also. Because who cares what he is explaining. The movie isn’t about the mystery. It lives in a moment and it is exciting at times, but I don’t think anybody is really going to care if and how Holmes solves it. Is Downey’s Holmes a genius detective. I honestly don’t know, but he must be, because he solved a mystery in a place that I didn’t even know one existed.

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